Services Currently Available

In-person Reiki Session – $80

Reiki sessions are individualized to your unique needs following an initial consultation. A session can focus on a variety of issues, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and emotional distress, but the first step is to always promote your health through relaxation, energy flow restoration, and energy balancing. The shift in your life-force energy will affect your body, mind, and spirit. A Reiki session lasts approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. Sessions available in Galveston, Texas.

Distance Reiki Session – $65

When circumstances prohibit you from receiving a hands-on Reiki session, distance Reiki sessions are an alternative. These sessions allow you to receive all the benefits of a hands-on session from wherever you are located. Oceana Energy Healing offers distance Reiki healing sessions for clients who are outside of our service area, home bound, severely immunocompromised.

During a distance Reiki session, you will want to be in a quiet place that is free from distractions and interruptions. At the beginning of the session, Misty Anderson will contact you to check in and see how you are feeling. At this time, you can discuss with her anything you want her to focus on during the session. After the call, Misty will begin sending Reiki. Get comfortable and focus on slowing your breath. You may want to play some quiet, meditative music, and you may want to set a timer to alert you of the end of the session or you can just fall asleep.

In case you do fall asleep or fall into a meditative state, contact Misty after the session when you are ready. During the follow-up call, you will debrief, and she will provide follow-up self-care recommendations as needed.

Raindrop Technique – $90 without purchased oil package

A hands-on energy healing that incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with traditional massage practices. Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Balances and realigns the body’s energy centers.
  • Realigns the spine without external manipulation.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Reduces inflammation and increases circulation.
  • Promotes body relaxation.
  • Alleviates body aches.
  • Aids in shedding negative emotions and releasing stored toxins.

Raindrop Technique – $62 with oil purchase

If you sign up for a Young Living account under me and purchase your own raindrop kit or purchase a raindrop kit through me, then the raindrop technique is discounted to $62.

Vitaflex Technique – $62

A hands-on, non-invasive ancient Tibetan healing technique where the fingertips are utilized by using a gentle rolling motion to send electrical charge through the nerve pathways. This can be performed with or without oils.

Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Stimulates the body’s self-regulating or balancing process to promote healing on a physical and emotional level.
  • Intensifies body system support when used in conjunction with essential oils.
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress and tension in the body.
  • Balances hormones.

If you would like to add on oils, it is an additional $10.

Animal Reiki (In-person or Distance) – $65 Plus Travel

Oceana Energy Healing offers the healing gifts of Reiki to animals. Animal Reiki is safe and gentle and will always bring healing on some level whether that is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Because of this, it is an ideal complement to all other forms of animal healing, whether allopathic or holistic.

Please note that Animal Reiki is not a substitute for the care of a licensed
veterinarian. I am happy to support your vet, your animal, and you to bring the greatest healing potential to any situation – this includes spiritual healing when it is time for an animal’s transition.

This is a one-hour session with your animal alone or with you and your animal. In the second option, you will receive a hands-on healing session with you seated in a chair while your animal is allowed to move about freely and share in the Reiki space.

I offer in-person healing session within Galveston County, but please inquire if you live in nearby Brazoria and Harris counties. Distant Reiki sessions are available anywhere in the world.

This is a local service only with a $10 travel fee over 20 miles that will be charged separately.

House Clearing and Blessing – Pricing Below

House clearings and blessings have been performed since ancient times. They are essential in creating a home that feels fresh, balanced, and free of any lingering energy from the previous homeowners and any of their experiences that remains in the space. This service includes an energetic cleansing, blessing, and protection of the interior and exterior of your home. This is perfect if you have recently purchased a house or if you feel a heavy energy when you enter your home.

After I clear the home, I will bless it and seal it with positive, loving Reiki energy.

  • Up to 2500 sq ft: $130
  • 2500 sq ft – 3000 sq ft: $150
  • 3000 sq ft – 3500 sq ft: $175
  • 3500 sq ft – 4000 sq ft: $200

*Homes larger than 4,000 sq ft have an additional charge of $25 per 500 sq ft.

This is a local service only with a $10 travel fee over 20 miles that will be charged separately. Also, this is not a paranormal removal service.

Reiki 1 Class – $200

Reiki Level 1 is one class focusing on developing you as a healer. You will learn about the history of Reiki and how Reiki energy works; and, at the conclusion, you will receive a Reiki Level 1 Attunement – a process that will tune you into the frequency of Reiki energy, which allows you to channel Reiki energy to yourself, family, and friends. As stated in the Introduction to Reiki class, the more a student uses Reiki, the more vibrant the energy becomes.

The following topics will be addressed during Reiki Level 1:

  • What is Reiki?
  • Reiki history
  • 5 Reiki principles
  • 7 Chakras
  • Auric field
  • Cleansing the auric field
  • Self-treatment and hand positions
  • Healing others and hand positions
  • Attunement

You will receive at the conclusion of the class:

  • Take home course content
  • An Attunement
  • Certification of completion

Class size is limited to six participants to offer one-on-one attention and allow any questions to be addressed, but you will leave the class able to utilize Reiki energy.

Cost of certification is $200, and a $50 deposit guarantees your spot.

NEW – Private Reiki 1 Class – $350

All the benefits of a Reiki Level 1 class, but it is one-on-one.

Reiki Level 2 Class – $350

The Reiki Level 2 Class focuses on developing you as a practitioner. You’ll learn how to work with recipients more formally. After you have completed this level of training, you will have enough information to begin working with clients in a professional setting.

The following topics will be addressed during Reiki Level 2:

  • Terms and practices used in Reiki
  • The three sacred Reiki symbols
  • How to send distance Reiki
  • How to perform Reiki on animals

You will receive at the conclusion of the class:

  • Take home course content
  • An attunement
  • A certification of completion

Class size is limited to six participants to offer one-on-one attention and to allow any questions to be addressed.

Cost of certification is $350, and $100 deposit will guarantee your spot.

NEW – Private Reiki 2 Class – $500

All the benefits of a Reiki Level 2 class, but it is one-on-one.

Master Reiki Classes – $500

Reiki Levels 1 and 2 must be completed to take the Master Reiki course or Reiki Level 3. This is the highest level of Reiki achievable, and it allows the Practitioner to channel Reiki energy at its highest level. The amount of energy a Master Reiki Practitioner can channel is exponentially increased compared to a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. The student will be attuned to the Master symbol.

The Master Reiki course is taught one-on-one over three class days.

Cost of certification is $500. Deposit is $200 and the remainder is due at the first class.

Psychic Mediumship Session $53

Alex MacLean said that those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day . . . unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.

Connecting to your friends and family in the spirit world heals grief, physical, emotional, or deeper issues. Linking with the spirit world and receiving guidance and insight can help you understand yourself and your place in the world on a much deeper level. When your loved ones are channeled, the connection that results can help you to find peace and closure. The spirit world orchestrates each reading and brings you the information that you need to hear in the present. Imagine having a reunion with grandparents, parents, extended family, teachers, friends, pets where you get to express what has been left unsaid and vice versa. You’ll receive evidence of your loved ones’ lives on earth, so you will know they are at peace. They will often validate that they are on the journey with you in the present.

During a Mediumship Reading, Misty will connect with your passed loved ones that are with you in spirit. She will provide meaningful evidence of your loved ones and deliver their messages of love.

Cost is $53 for a 30-minute session.