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Four Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and it officially announces the first day of summer. Spiritually, the summer solstice brings shifts and new beginnings to our lives; it is about finding balance and uncovering the courage to step into a new, vibrant, confident version of yourself. In this newsletter, I would like to discuss four ways to celebrate the summer solstice and the light it ushers into your life.

1. Meditate and reflect. Because the summer brings more daylight to the earth, it is the perfect day to go within and reconnect with what makes you shine. One way to achieve this is to quiet the mind and meditate. When we clear our thoughts during meditation, we can see what needs to be removed and what doesn’t belong anymore in our lives, e.g., harmful thought patterns that say we aren’t enough, activities that fail to align with our higher purpose, people who bring with them unnecessary stress. By allowing Divine light in, it illuminates the hidden places of the heart and sets your world ablaze with fresh opportunities and inspiration. Radiate so brightly that when others encounter you, they have no choice but to bask in the warm light of your inner glow.

2. Celebrate the sun in nature. The summer solstice brings about a new season that is all about the beauty nature has to offer, and the best way to celebrate nature is to be out in it. Set aside some time to go outside and be in the fresh air, watch the sunrise or sunset, or go for a nature walk with a friend or neighbor. Pay attention to the sun illuminating the sky and how its warmth feels on your skin, and then imagine all the light penetrating past your skin into your cells. Sunlight has positive effects on the human body. It improves sleep by regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, it reduces stress, fights off depression, and helps maintain strong bones by jumpstarting our body’s Vitamin D production. Another way to celebrate is to plan a picnic at a local park with your family. When you pack up the picnic basket, add some fresh harvested fruit and vegetables for a snack underneath the sun. As the children play, why not challenge them to collect fresh flowers and then later identify if any of them have medicinal properties. It is a wonderful way to teach children about the healing that nature brings to us.

3. Allocate room for a new beginning. The solstice indicates a shift from spring to summer, and it also is a time for you to reflect on where you need to shift and what you desire to manifest for yourself during this season. Today we all have a tabula rasa – a blank slate to fill with whatever we dare to imagine, so make plans and revisit the goals you set earlier in the year. If they no longer fit, then be bold and make new ones. On this energetically charged day, set time aside to establish intentions for the rest of the year. If you have the time, create a vision board – even if it is electronic and housed on Pinterest. For me, today I am going to launch the official rebranding of my business from Oceana Reiki Spa to Oceana Energy Healing and publish my first newsletter; this is my fresh start. Whatever you choose for your new beginning, open your mind to the magic that happens when you reach for the stars because you might actually grab one.

4. Focus on igniting your personal fire. The fire element is associated with the summer, and it can provide fire for our internal and external worlds. In the ancient text, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the Yellow Emperor describes the energy exchange that occurs in the summer between heaven and earth via the sunshine and rain that results in the abundance of plants, animals, flowers, and fruit. We can access that same exchange by watching how our actions produce abundance in our lives when we ignite our personal fire and let it light up this summer season. Many mistakenly believe that the element of fire is represented by the emotion of anger, but it is in fact joy. When we experience joy, it enhances our enthusiasm and generates a positive emotional state that increases our motivation, energy, and commitment to act. It is a catalyst, arousing us to engage in pursuits that bring us happiness and success. Direct your focus to what sets you ablaze this summer, and let these months transform and renew you so you can reach your highest potential.

Whatever the summer solstice brings to you – a new beginning, courage, balance – let the sun’s light illuminate you from within. Each of you have a unique light that is meant to shine. None of us are the same. Some of our lights are calm and steady, others are vibrant and sparky, and then there are the lighthouses that are so blinding that you must close your eyes because they shine so bright, but all are needed in this world. So, during the next few months, no matter at what rate you burn, just shine for yourself and shine for the rest of the world.  

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