All About the Root Chakra

What is the Root Chakra?

The Root (Base) Chakra is known as the Muladhara, and it is derived from the Sanskrit words Mula,” which means “root,” and “Adhara,” which means “support” or “base.” The Root Chakra forms the foundation of the entire system that the other chakras sit on. It is the beginning point for cultivating and sustaining balance, and it is even reflected in our embryonic stage. As dueterostomes, we develop at our root first. In fact, as soon as our umbilical cord is cut after birth, life-force energy activates the Root Chakra and travels up through each of the other chakras bringing them online. Our early years have a great impact on the development of our Root Chakra because that is when we are at our most vulnerable and reliant on others for our basic survival needs. All aspects of our carnality are represented in the Root Chakra, such as survival, being grounded, connected to our family, community, tribe, and reality.

Where is the Root Chakra Located?

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, halfway between the coccyx bone and the pelvic bone, and it is associated with the color red. When sitting in a meditation position, the paths of energy in Root Chakra extend downward like a tree root contacting the Earth through the legs and feet.

What are the Characteristics of the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra is symbolized by a four-petaled, red, lotus flower that represent the four aspects of the human soul: the mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego. The square inside the petals represent that the Root Chakra is the strong foundation that the other chakras rest upon. The four corners denote the directions north, south, east, and west. When combined, the message is that it is possible to move in any direction if a life is built on a solid foundation. The triangle with the point facing downward in the middle of the Root Chakra indicates expanding one’s consciousness.

How Does the Root Chakra Function?

The Root Chakra is the most visceral chakra; it is where our most instinctual feelings take shape. The Root Chakra is governed by our animal instinct to survive, it is where our fight-or-flight response is initiated, and it becomes the basis for our sense of stability and security. It includes basic physical necessities, i.e., food, water, and shelter, but it also epitomizes our emotional needs that address feeling safe and interconnected. Psychologically, the Root Chakra helps us to feel grounded. It is the place where self-respect, honesty, and our ability to bond with others is nurtured. Physically, it correlates to heavier parts of our body, i.e., the bones, legs, knees, colon, and spine. Because the Root Chakra is the foundation of the entire chakra system, it needs to be brought to balance before beginning work on the higher chakras or we will lack the stability necessary for veritable growth.

What Is a Balanced/Unbalanced Root Chakra

A balanced Root Chakra is displayed by a sense of confidence and self-assurance that all needs are being met and there are no survival fears; it results in a person who is grounded and connected to the reality of their physical world. When unbalanced, it manifests as worry and anxiety that there isn’t enough to go around, it could lead to self-isolation and believing that survival is a constant struggle, and a belief that integrity must be compromised for material needs to be fulfilled. One way to bring the Root Chakra back into balance is through grounding, which electrically reconnects someone to the Earth; this can be achieved by walking barefoot, lying on the ground, or even being submersed in water either by wading or swimming.


The Root Chakra is the seat of our life-force energy, and it acts as the link between the outside physical world and our internal energetic system. It provides us with the motivation to get up each day to thrust positively ahead in life. When it is functioning properly, we are self-confident and believe that we belong in our world. When it isn’t functioning, we feel disconnected, and we struggle. This chakra must be the starting point when bringing all the chakras into balance.

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