What is Reiki?

There are different types of energy healing modalities, but none get the “what’s that?” response like Reiki. So, what is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese stress-reduction and relaxation practice that fosters deep relaxation and healing. It can be given by laying hands-on the body or hovering just above it. Life-force energy flows through the practitioner to the recipient leaving them feeling relaxed as their body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual heals.

Reiki is pronounced RAY-key. It is a derivative of two Japanese characters (kanji) that when combined construct the idea of universal life-force energy.

Rei means “Universal” and refers to the spiritual dimension and the soul. It has also been explained as “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power.”

Ki means “the vital life-force energy,” which courses through everything.

So, God-directed, life-force energy courses through each of us, and it is what keeps us alive. When your life-force energy diminishes, then you are likely to be sick or stressed. If it is high, then you flourish and are likely functioning well. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can learn and use. It works with medical and therapeutic practices to relieve side effects and facilitate recovery. A student merely needs to attend a Reiki 1 class to learn this technique and be attuned by a Reiki master, and they will walk away with powerful, life-altering healing ability.

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