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Is Reiki Part of a Religion?

Reiki is a healing methodology like yoga, acupuncture, and massage; however, there are some religions that have taken a negative view on Reiki. This can only be from not understanding the nature of Reiki. Reiki is not part of a religion, but it is well-suited for your existing religious and spiritual beliefs, and it does not contradict the Universal Laws of Consciousness and Love. Reiki has no dogma and there is nothing that must be believed to utilize it. In fact, a person can have no religious or spiritual views, and they can still use Reiki. It only brings love and healing no matter where a person is spiritually, but after using Reiki, the practitioner may find that they are more receptive to a spiritual experience than before. Practicing Reiki promotes living in peace and being in tune with others, so practicing simple ethical ideals is beneficial.

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